Last post I mentioned how you can use Instagram’s grid feature in order to more easily use the Rule of Thirds in your photographic compositions.  Here are some photos that I took on my most recent hike using the grid.  Enjoy!

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Leaf Peeping!

If you haven’t gone for an autumn walk yet the time is now! Right now the fall foliage in our area is at its peak. This is also a great time of year for landscape photography. Just bring your point and shoot or camera phone with you on your walk. Keep the composition in mind while you are shooting and don’t forget the rule of thirds! If you have Instagram you can turn on the grid to make it even easier. Just put your main point of interest under one if the intersections of the grid and you’re good to go! I went hiking this past week with my friend Ben, here are some of the pictures I took along the way. 20131011-084108.jpg20131011-084129.jpg20131011-084144.jpg20131011-084203.jpg


Now go out and take some pictures of your own!