1 Point Perspective

1 Point Perspective Utopias

This is the first lesson in our unit “Cultural Discovery through Art: the Landscape”

In this lesson you will create your own personal paradise using 1 point perspective. Think about what your paradise would look like.  Would it be urban? Rural? Suburban? Would it be on another planet? It’s up to you.

Use 1 point perspective to create the illusion of a 3 Dimensional space on your 2 Dimensional piece of paper.  Here is a helpful graphic on how to use 1 Point Perspective to create the illusion of space:


You might want to practice by drawing some cubes receding in space


Here is an example of a drawing that uses 1 Point Perspective to create the illusion of space


As you can see, the lines are converging into a single vanishing point


Here are some examples of other drawings that use 1 Point Perspective

FND113 - M8 OnePoint Perspective Exercise 3rd-one-point-perspective


  • Your drawing should include at least 3 objects that are receding in space using 1 Point Perspective
  • Your drawing should demonstrate that you have an understanding of how to use 1 Point Perspective in order to create the illusion of a 3D space on a 2D surface
  • Your drawing should be neat, erase guidelines completely

You can download the complete rubric here:1PointPerspectiveRubric


2 thoughts on “1 Point Perspective

  1. it is veryhelpfull for me i was about some trouble while drawing point prespective but by seeing and practising as the images in this site i was helpfull in drawings

  2. Many thanks for your examples of perspective drawing.
    They were very usefull with my S1 (first year in High school) classes.

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