Example Photo Blog

Hey photobloggers (9th and 10th grade)!

Today is THE DAY for winter wonderland photos, don’t let this pretty little snowstorm go to waste!!!

If you are feeling stunted creatively because you don’t know how to use photoshop to edit your photos don’t despair! There are tons of great online photo editing sites that you can use for free!  There are also tons of great photo editing apps you can download to your phone for free.  I personally use Aviary for my iphone and when I don’t feel like using photoshop I use http://pixlr.com/editor/ for the computer.  Don’t feel like you have to use the same sites/apps as me though, find an editor that you find easy to work with and can create the kind of effects you want.  Check out my latest blog posts that compares how different edits of the same photo can drastically change the vibe of the photo.


Here are the photos anyways because I like them so much.

The unedited photo first:





all the editing of these photos was done with Aviary for iphone.

I strongly encourage that you follow my own photoblog for tips and tricks as well as ideas.



Photo Project is a GO

Last week I introduced a new photo project for my ninth and tenth graders.  The basic premise is the same though the ninth graders will have more structure and the 10th graders will have more artistic license.  Each student was asked to create a blog using Blogger and will be posting one photo a week as part of a year long project.  I wanted to use a blog format rather than them just submitting photos to me because I want them to make this project personal.  I want them to feel ownership and take pride in their work.  The great thing about Blogger is you can set your blog to totally private and only invite certain readers.  I’m very excited to see how this project goes and I hope my students are as pumped as I am! I know I won’t be able to limit my blog to one photo a week so I won’t even try.  You can follow my photo project blog here: http://artwithmissgriffin.blogspot.com/

Autobiographical Hats

This is a fun activity for me to get to know you as artists!  Create a newspaper hat using only newspaper, scissors, and masking tape that tells me some things about you.

  • It must be able to stay on your head without the help of hair clips or tape
  • Use newspaper to make three things that say something about yourself (do not cut pictures out of newspaper and tape them on, these things should be 3D)
  • Your hat must be sturdy and well made enough so when I pick it up to grade it it won’t fall apart

Here are a few folding techniques that will help you with your hat:

  • Fan Fold
  • Pleat
  • Dart

If you need extra help feel free to stop by the art office during period 4 or email me at kgriffin@blmfld.org