1pt Perspective Name

This lesson is an introduction into 1pt Perspective.  Start by writing your name nice and large so that it almost fills the whole page.  Next, “blockify” or “bubblify” your letters.  Once you’ve finished grab a ruler.  Choose a spot on your paper around your letters to be your vanishing point.  Mark this with a little X so that you will be able to find it easily.  Using your ruler, connect the edges of each letter back to your vanishing point.  The result should look like this:



It should automatically create the illusion that your letters are receding into space.

Next choose three things that mean something to you or are important to you and draw them around your name.

Lastly, color the whole thing in with colored pencil.  Remember to use the layering techniques we learned previously!


  • Correct use of 1pt Perspective
  • 3 things that tell a story about the artist
  • Coloring is neat, student has used layering techniques from previous projects

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