Hill-Stead Museum Field Trip

This year we were the lucky recipients of a grant from Farmington Bank in CT which allowed us to take a field trip to the GORGEOUS Hill-Stead Museum for free!  The Hill-Stead Museum is a fabulous Colonial Revival house located in Farmington which houses an amazing collection of French Impressionist art.  We were so fortunate to be able to see two of Monet’s Haystacks, Manet’s The Guitar Player, Degas’ The Tub, and so many other amazing works of art!

Here is a link to the Hill-Stead’s Collection: http://www.hillstead.org/our-collection/paintings/impressionists/

My personal favorite is Fishing Boats at Sea by Monet, I have a soft spot for Monet and boats so I don’t stand a chance!


So beautiful! If you have a chance you absolutely must go to this museum and take a tour, I can’t recommend it enough!


But only slightly less well known is this……. There are TONS of great careers in the Arts!

This past  month we had Exhibitions at our school.  This is an opportunity for students to stand up in front of their peers and reflect on their past accomplishments, their goals for the future, and how they plan to go about achieving their goals.  Everyone did a fabulous job but I was disappointed with how few students wanted to pursue careers in the Arts!  There were lots of potential doctors, lawyers, and detectives but very few photographers, graphic designers, and art historians.  I blame myself; doctors, lawyers, and detectives get lots of TV time but it’s my job as the art teacher to let kids know about all the great careers to be found in the Arts!  SO I made an informational bulletin board outlining various opportunities for students to shine using their art skills!  I drew my list of careers from a lovely pin I found on Pinterest here: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/460282024387697082/ and here is my finished display:





Fashion and Sewing Club

This week we started our new clubs for the Quarter and I am the advisor for Fashion and Sewing Club!  I used some of the funds left over from art club to purchase yarn and crochet hooks and we are going to start things off by learning to crochet!  I prefer crocheting to knitting (especially for beginners) because it doesn’t take as much time to make a finished product.  An experienced crochet-er with a large-ish hook can whip up a hate and scarf from one skein of yarn in a few hours.  Hopefully we’ll be able to make some fun winter accessories before the weather gets too cold!


I can’t say THANK YOU enough to the Salvation Army on the Berlin Turnpike in Newington.  They were generous enough to donate 25 T-shirts to my school!  With the shirts I made aprons to keep our school uniforms nice and clean!  Aprons are very expensive and I would have had to buy a lot of them since I have fairly large classes.  Thank you Thank you Thank you! And thank you to my lovely models!


Leaf Peeping!

If you haven’t gone for an autumn walk yet the time is now! Right now the fall foliage in our area is at its peak. This is also a great time of year for landscape photography. Just bring your point and shoot or camera phone with you on your walk. Keep the composition in mind while you are shooting and don’t forget the rule of thirds! If you have Instagram you can turn on the grid to make it even easier. Just put your main point of interest under one if the intersections of the grid and you’re good to go! I went hiking this past week with my friend Ben, here are some of the pictures I took along the way. 20131011-084108.jpg20131011-084129.jpg20131011-084144.jpg20131011-084203.jpg


Now go out and take some pictures of your own!

GraniteCon 2013

This past weekend my friend Shauna and I were artists/vendors at GraniteCon in Manchester, New Hampshire! We had lots of fun hanging out with our booth neighbors and looking at all the cool costumes.  Making and selling things is a fun way to support our “craft habit.” Here’s a picture of Shauna and our artist table!