Zentangle Personalities

For this project we will be borrowing the pattern making techniques of Zentangle drawings.  You might have seen zentangles before, they are beautiful and intricate drawings where value is created through pattern.


For this assignment you will start by drawing the profile of your face and head as large as you can.


Next divide your head into 10 sections.  These don’t have to be grids, divide your sections anyway you choose.  Next fill each section with a different pattern that emulates your own personality.


This example isn’t of a profile of a face but it is an excellent example of sectioning the face and drawing a distinct pattern in each section.

Once you have drawn your patterns in pencil you will trace them over with sharpie.  The final step is to cut out your head and mount it on black paper.


  • Profile of your head/face
  • 10 Sections
  • Different pattern in each section
  • Craftsmanship! (erase pencil lines completely when finished, patterns are neat and careful)

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