Helping Hands

Helping Hands

In this lesson you will learn some basic strategies for drawing hands.  Think of a way that you have impacted your community in a positive way.  Do you volunteer at a food bank? Do you coach younger kids? It doesn’t have to be something crazy, it might be as simple as mowing your neighbor’s lawn.  Once you have an idea, think of how you might pose your hands to demonstrate your service to the community.  For example: I sew costumes for theatrical productions in my community so I might pose my hands as if they were holding a needle.

Next, start by drawing the skeleton of your hand.  I like to start by drawing a skeleton then adding the muscles and flesh on after:

The skeleton helps you map out your hand and give it structure.

Practice a few hands and see what sort of interesting poses you can come up with.


  • you must have at least three hands drawn on your paper
  • the way you pose your hands should convey how you are involved in your community in a positive way
  • use a skeleton to draw your hands accurately, do not trace!

You can download the entire rubric here:HelpingHandsRubric


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