Auspicious Bowls


  • your bowl should be at least 5″x5″
  • the bowl should have auspicious designs around the entirety of the outside
  • designs should be made in relief
  • paint colors should reinforce your auspicious concept
  • write an artist statement about your auspicious bowl. Why did you choose the symbols you did? How to they relate to the idea of auspiciousness? How do the colors enhance/reinforce your idea? Help the viewer understand your creative process.

Keep in Mind:

  • what do you do to bring luck your way? This is about you!
  • your auspicious designs can be in a motif or portrayed as a narrative
  • your glaze choices should enhance your design (what is your lucky color?)
  • all parts of your bowl should be addressed (the bottom of your bowl is just as important as the rest!)


Download the rubric here



How to build using coils:

PowerPoint on Auspicious Bowls Lesson:


Chinese Animal Symbolism:

Chinese Flower Symbolism:

Chinese Color Symbolism:


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