9th Grade Photo Project

Each student is expected to create a blog using Google Blogger and post one photo per week, due each Thursday.  Photography has been a critical tool in the past for political movements and as a way to show points of view that might otherwise have been overlooked.  This blog will serve as a creative outlet for you as well as a way for you to document your stories and spread your ideas.

Blogger has a variety of privacy settings for students who do not wish to have a public blog.  In the “Settings” section you can set who can see your blog, who can follow you, and who can search for you.  I encourage you to have a conversation with your parents to find which setting will work best for you. It is important however that everyone adds me as a reader so I can check your homework weekly.  To do this, simply type my email address (artwithmissgriffin@gmail.com) into the “Blog Readers” section.

Blogger is an extremely convenient tool.  If you do not own a camera but have a camera phone you can upload posts and photos directly to Blogger as long as you have the Blogger app on your phone.  There are also cameras that can be signed out in the technology classroom.

Here are walk-through instructions on how to create your Blogger account:

  • Create a Gmail account
  • Click on the “apps” button at the top of the google homepage (it looks like 9 small boxes) Click on “more” and then the orange and white “B” for Blogger
  • Create a Blogger account (This basically entails signing in with your Gmail account and password) Click on “New Blog”
  • Create your blog by entering the blog name, the url, and choosing an initial template
  • Once this is done you will be able to create a new post by click on the button that looks like a pen/pencil

To add me as a reader:

  • Click on the name of your blog, this will bring you to the blog’s dashboard
  • There is a menu to the left of the screen Click on “settings”
  • You can edit your readers in the section at the bottom Click on “add readers”
  • Type my email address (artwithmissgriffin@gmail.com) into the box provided
  • Click “save changes”
  • For good measure, send me a second email with the url of your blog

It is very important that only original photographs are uploaded onto this photo blog.  This means that YOU must be the one who took the photo.  Uploading someone else’s photo is plagiarism.  It is also important that you keep your posts appropriate for school.  This includes the name of your blog, captions for your photos, and the content of your photos.

Phew, now that all that’s out of the way, onto the good stuff.

Each week you will be charged with going out into the world and taking one photograph. Since you only have to take one, make it a good one.  Try out different lighting, different angles, zooming in, zooming out, make your photos interesting to look at.  Each week you will photograph a different letter of the alphabet.  The first week is the letter “A,” second week is the letter “B,” third week is the letter “C,” and so on and so forth.  You can photograph something that looks like the letter “A,” something that has a name that begins with the letter “A,” something that makes a sound like the letter “A.” Get creative and don’t forget to have fun!

You can follow my own example blog here: http://artwithmissgriffin.blogspot.com/

Here is a powerpoint I made on how to take more interesting photographs: Photography 101


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