Indicative Pitchers

Create a pitcher designed for a certain type of liquid, the form of your pitcher should indicate what type of liquid it is meant to be used for.



  • Your pitcher must have a spout, a handle or some way to grip your pitcher, and a finished foot
  • Your pitcher should be able to hold at least one quart

Keep in Mind:

  • How might the form of your pitcher change if it is meant for a hot liquid? A cold liquid? Form follows function.
  • Make sure all parts of your pitcher are addressed (handle, spout, foot, body)
  • These pitchers may be inspired by nature, geometry and the world around you however they should not be a direct representation
  • When constructing your piece choose the method of construction that will work best for your design
  • You may choose to enhance your piece with some design elements.  You may choose between motif and pattern, either way use additive and subtractive techniques to create a relief effect.  Take this a step beyond simply drawing in the surface of your pitcher with a needle tool!

The powerpoint for this project is available here: indicativepitchers, as well as the rubric:IndicativePitchersRubric


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