Artist Research

Choose an artist whose work relates to your style or an artist whose work you admire.  This artist must be a master artist whose work is well known.  Do not use the artists Van Gogh, Picasso, or Jackson Pollock.  There will be no duplicate artists.

Artist Bibliography with four sources

  • make sure the sources are relevant to your artist
  • please use proper formatting for your bibliography
  • try to use sources that do not have redundant information about your artist

You may choose to write your paper in essay form or use each page to answer the questions below.  Make sure each topic is addressed in your paper!  Responses to the questions should be 3/4 of a page to 1 page long.

  1. Page 1: Biography- please only choose only major points in this artist’s life.
  2. Page 2: Why is this artist important in Art History? What art movement, style or theme do we associate with this artist?
  3. Page 3: Which artists or life experiences influenced your artist’s work? How?
  4. Page 4: What artist or art movement did your artist influence? Please elaborate on how and why these artists were influenced by your choice of artist.

Don’t forget, this is a research assignment.  Please be sure to cite your sources even if you are paraphrasing! Plagiarism is a serious offense. If you aren’t sure how to avoid plagiarism, here is a helpful tutorial:

Art influenced by a Master Artist

You will create a painting 18″x24″ or larger influenced by the artist that you chose. Do not copy a piece by your artist, your work should emulate that artist’s style, mark making, or concept. Your artwork will be evaluated on:

  • Craftsmanship and care
  • Design and composition
  • Communication of intent
  • Working consistently and independently
  • Meeting the assigned deadlines


After completing your painting please write a one page reflection. Consider the following:

  • How did it feel to work in this artist’s style?
  • What did you learn about your own work from studying this artist?
  • What difficulties did you encounter?
  • Have you changed any preconceived ideas about your artist or your work?

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