Political Landscape

For this project you will think of an issue that is important to you concerning some kind of space.  This could be affordable housing, disparities of socioeconomic statuses between neighborhoods or towns, disaster relief in 3rd world countries… Anything that is important to you personally that relates to a space.

You will be sending a message about this issue through the form of a landscape painting.  Look at some other landscape paintings and see if you can gleam meaning from them.  How did the artist convey a mood, feeling, or idea through the placement of subjects, colors, etc?

Here is a powerpoint with three landscapes that may give you some ideas as to how to send a message/create a mood through a landscape: PoliticalLandscape

This project is very open ended so find a creative solution to the problem, I can’t wait to see what you come up with


  • This painting must be a landscape, though it does not have to be a representational landscape
  • Must send a clear message
  • Craftsmanship: painting should be neat, obvious care has been taken with delivery
  • Concept: artist should be able to discuss the thought process behind their work!

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