Hill-Stead Museum Field Trip

This year we were the lucky recipients of a grant from Farmington Bank in CT which allowed us to take a field trip to the GORGEOUS Hill-Stead Museum for free!  The Hill-Stead Museum is a fabulous Colonial Revival house located in Farmington which houses an amazing collection of French Impressionist art.  We were so fortunate to be able to see two of Monet’s Haystacks, Manet’s The Guitar Player, Degas’ The Tub, and so many other amazing works of art!

Here is a link to the Hill-Stead’s Collection: http://www.hillstead.org/our-collection/paintings/impressionists/

My personal favorite is Fishing Boats at Sea by Monet, I have a soft spot for Monet and boats so I don’t stand a chance!


So beautiful! If you have a chance you absolutely must go to this museum and take a tour, I can’t recommend it enough!