The purpose of this sketchbook is to be your visual diary.  Practice using visual language to express your feelings and ideas.  Each week bring your sketchbook to be checked.  You must have at least one drawing done in your sketchbook per week HOWEVER you are encouraged to draw as much as possible.

If you document something personal you do not want me to see, mark it as private with a post-it and I will skip that page when checking your sketchbook.

Your sketches don’t always have to be paper and pencil.  If you prefer working with collage or mixed media feel free to experiment.

Each week I will present a theme for your sketchbook assignment.  This is just a suggestion if you are having trouble thinking of something to draw.  You do not have to follow the theme.



trees sunset sketch


16,17_ (Small)Workshop Photoos -  Lisa Sonora Beam, The Creative Entrepreneur



If you have any other questions about sketchbooks email me at


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