Visual Journals


  • A Discarded Library Book (can usually be purchased for 50 cents or less)

One library’s trash is another artist’s treasure…

For this project every student will receive a discarded book to be their new visual journal.  The idea of writing in books makes a lot of people very uncomfortable, but artists break down norms and question stigmas every day.  Art can be made with expensive brushes and quality paints or it can be made with a discarded book and a sharpie.  This book is now your personal visual journal.  Use visual language to document anything you would document in a conventional journal.  You may write in it as well, but try not to rely on written language to convey your thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

Each week bring your journal to class; you are expected to complete one two-page spread per week.  You may use any medium you feel express your ideas best: collage, decoupage, drawing, painting, cut-outs, etc.

You may do more than one two-page spread per week, this is YOUR JOURNAL.  Also, if you document something personal you do not want others to see, mark it with a post-it so that I know it is private.  If you do document something private, create another piece to be checked for class.

book art carol owen book_art-04 book_art_001 Book Art


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