GEMS Mural

GEMS Mural

The space the mural will occupy is the curved section of the cafeteria wall.  It measures 25’4″ wide and 7’4″ tall.  (‘ represents feet, ” represents inches)

You are a local artist who specializes in murals.  You are approached by a representative from the Global Experience Magnet School.  They are looking for an artist to design and execute a mural in their cafeteria, specifically a mural that captures the essence of the school’s mission.

You will be competing with other artists to have your mural design in the cafeteria.  In order to make a good impression you should have a sketch that is to scale, a five minute presentation on why your design is best for the school, and a written (and typed) artist statement that tells in depth about your imagery and how it connects to the school’s mission.

You will be expected to show your sketch and give an oral presentation to the principal and other school officials.  The artist statement will be handed in to the principal when you give your presentation.  All three elements, your sketch, artist statement, and presentation will be factored together in the decision-making process.

The Sketch: your sketch should be to scale.  That means you will have to measure the size of the wall and use your math skills to make sure that your drawing is an exact replica of what will be going on the wall… except much smaller.  Your sketch needs to be completely finished, neat and with color in order for it to be effective.  Remember too that any imagery you use must be appropriate for a school setting.

The Artist Statement: This will be a one page paper that goes into depth about how and why you chose the imagery you did and how it best reflects the mission of the Global Experience Magnet School.

The Presentation: This is a five minute presentation in which you will try to sell your idea to the principal and other school officials.  You are an artist, you need this commission!  Make sure you know your talking points and that you have visuals (like a power-point) to enhance your performance.  Try and get your presentation as close to five minutes as possible, after five minutes the music will play and it will be time for the next presenter, anything you can’t fit into that time won’t get said.

Good luck!

Grading breakdown (Out of 90)

1/3: The Sketch – 1 drawing complete with color (30 pts)

1/3: The Presentation – 5 minutes with visuals (30 pts)

1/3: The Artist Statement – 1 page paper, grammar and spelling count! (30 pts)

For a full grading breakdown, download the rubric here:GEMS Mural Performance Task Rubric

Executing the Mural:

Once we have seen all the presentations and have read all the artist statements we will either choose a mural to go up in the cafeteria or combine elements from several student’s sketches into one collaborative mural.  All students will participate in making the mural a reality.


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