Chinese Fans

Chinese Fans


  • Calligraphy: decorative handwriting or handwritten lettering

Today we will be making Chinese fans!  Each student will receive two pieces of 9×9 paper.  These will become the front and backs of your fan.  On one side of your fan you will be using calligraphy to write a Chinese character.  I have printouts of Chinese characters for you to choose from.

character2 characters1

On the other side of your fan you will draw a scene that exemplifies your chosen character.  For example: say you picked “Happiness” as your character.  You would then draw a scene on your second piece of paper that means “happiness” to you.  This can be a landscape, or a portrait, or a drawing of an object that makes you happy the choice is yours.

When you are making your character you will be using black watercolor paint and a paintbrush.  Here is a video of a woman demonstrating calligraphy

Use bold and deliberate brush strokes.  Try not to get “fussy” with the paint, it will show in your lines.  Also, try and vary the thickness and thinness of your lines.  Lastly, make your character nice and BIG.  This is the main focus of one side of your fan, it should take up almost the entire paper.

When you are drawing your scene start with a pencil sketch.  Once you have a finalized idea and it is fully sketched you may start adding color using watercolor pencils.

Once your character is dry we will add color to the background of your character using colored pencil.

The last part is to assemble your fan.  Start by painting your tongue depressor (fan handle) black.  You may choose to add decorations to the handle if you wish.  Once your handle is dry use a gluestick to glue both sides of your fan together with the tongue depressor in the middle.  Your end result will be a beautiful Chinese fan!

fans2 Fans1


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