Donors Choose, Please help!

My Donor’s Choose Project was approved!

Ceramics have been tough this year without a kiln, I have worked with another teacher to fire my students work at her school however that involves a lot of driving around and coordination so I plan to fix all that with a Donors Choose project for a new kiln!

Kilns are expensive but they last forever so this would be a sound investment towards bettering the art program at our school for years to come!  If you are interested in donating or you are a teacher and would like to see how Donors Choose works click the link!
My Kingdom for a Kiln!

If you dontae to my classroom by April 5, 2015 your donation will be doubled thanks to Just enter the code SPARK on the payment page and you’ll be matched dollar for dollar (up to $100).

Thanks so much everyone, wish me (and my students) luck!


But only slightly less well known is this……. There are TONS of great careers in the Arts!

This past  month we had Exhibitions at our school.  This is an opportunity for students to stand up in front of their peers and reflect on their past accomplishments, their goals for the future, and how they plan to go about achieving their goals.  Everyone did a fabulous job but I was disappointed with how few students wanted to pursue careers in the Arts!  There were lots of potential doctors, lawyers, and detectives but very few photographers, graphic designers, and art historians.  I blame myself; doctors, lawyers, and detectives get lots of TV time but it’s my job as the art teacher to let kids know about all the great careers to be found in the Arts!  SO I made an informational bulletin board outlining various opportunities for students to shine using their art skills!  I drew my list of careers from a lovely pin I found on Pinterest here: and here is my finished display:





New Lesson Added… Weaving!

It’s been ages but I finally added a new lesson!  My lovely sixth graders recently finished their weaving projects and they were so adorably excited about them!  You can find my basic weaving tutorial under the 6th grade tab.  A basic Todd loom isn’t too expensive or if you’re crafty you can make one using a wooden picture frame or cardboard.  Enjoy!20150106_150900

Wintonbury Garden is a GO

Last night we got the go ahead from the PTO to purchase some pre-planned habitat gardens from! I’m so excited to finally get our sustainable and native garden project off the ground!  The idea is to transform our underutilized courtyard space into an outdoor classroom where students can learn about habitats, life cycles, living and non-ling, the five senses, etc. outside in the sunshine rather than out of a book or on a screen.  You can check out a copy of my garden proposal here: Courtyard Garden Proposal 2014 and read all about native plants and schoolyard habitats on Cornell’s website:



YAY! School is here and I’m SO EXCITED! This year is extra exciting because the Technology teacher and I are teaming up to bring bigger and better interdisciplinary projects to our high school students.  I also have a brand new space right next to the technology classroom to make collaborating even easier AND I finally got to put up all of the great posters I bought last year. 🙂  Here’s a panoramic view of my new art classroom, ignore the green screen… it’ll be covered by a curtain tomorrow.