Drawing People in Motion

Drawing people can seem intimidating but have no fear! Here are some simple steps to make drawing people easy!

Everyone always makes the same joke “Me? Draw people? Hah! I can only draw stick figures.”  Well then congratulations you’re halfway to being able to draw a person.

I always start by drawing a modified version of a stick figure.  The only difference between my stick figure and a conventional stick figure is mine has hips, shoulders, and joints.


Look at the person you are drawing.  Imagine the line making up the “body” of your stick figure is their spine.  Then draw the line according to their particular pose.  Are they bending over? Arching their back? Same thing for the shoulder line and hips.  This is a quick and easy way to capture the essence of their pose.

Next you’ll want to add muscle and meat to your stick figure.  I like to add a rib cage too.  To do this, think about how your ribcage is attached to your spine.  Then start adding muscle mass to the bones of your figure.  Once your are done adding on, erase the skeleton/ribcage like it was never there!








If you follow these easy steps, drawing people will be easy as pie!




  • draw one figure front facing and static using the stick figure skeleton
  • draw one figure in a fantastic post using the stick figure skeleton
  • Make sure to add meat and muscle (and clothes!)

Watch out, I can *usually tell if you skipped the stick figure step!

*students have duped me before, but just do it m’kay?







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