But only slightly less well known is this……. There are TONS of great careers in the Arts!

This past  month we had Exhibitions at our school.  This is an opportunity for students to stand up in front of their peers and reflect on their past accomplishments, their goals for the future, and how they plan to go about achieving their goals.  Everyone did a fabulous job but I was disappointed with how few students wanted to pursue careers in the Arts!  There were lots of potential doctors, lawyers, and detectives but very few photographers, graphic designers, and art historians.  I blame myself; doctors, lawyers, and detectives get lots of TV time but it’s my job as the art teacher to let kids know about all the great careers to be found in the Arts!  SO I made an informational bulletin board outlining various opportunities for students to shine using their art skills!  I drew my list of careers from a lovely pin I found on Pinterest here: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/460282024387697082/ and here is my finished display:






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