Fashion and Sewing Club

This week we started our new clubs for the Quarter and I am the advisor for Fashion and Sewing Club!  I used some of the funds left over from art club to purchase yarn and crochet hooks and we are going to start things off by learning to crochet!  I prefer crocheting to knitting (especially for beginners) because it doesn’t take as much time to make a finished product.  An experienced crochet-er with a large-ish hook can whip up a hate and scarf from one skein of yarn in a few hours.  Hopefully we’ll be able to make some fun winter accessories before the weather gets too cold!


Wintonbury Garden is a GO

Last night we got the go ahead from the PTO to purchase some pre-planned habitat gardens from! I’m so excited to finally get our sustainable and native garden project off the ground!  The idea is to transform our underutilized courtyard space into an outdoor classroom where students can learn about habitats, life cycles, living and non-ling, the five senses, etc. outside in the sunshine rather than out of a book or on a screen.  You can check out a copy of my garden proposal here: Courtyard Garden Proposal 2014 and read all about native plants and schoolyard habitats on Cornell’s website:



YAY! School is here and I’m SO EXCITED! This year is extra exciting because the Technology teacher and I are teaming up to bring bigger and better interdisciplinary projects to our high school students.  I also have a brand new space right next to the technology classroom to make collaborating even easier AND I finally got to put up all of the great posters I bought last year. 🙂  Here’s a panoramic view of my new art classroom, ignore the green screen… it’ll be covered by a curtain tomorrow.



Art Club does it again!

Art Club did an amazing job preparing banners to welcome our visitors from China! They will be visiting our school on Friday and everyone is very excited! In honor of our guests Art Club painted two banners; the one on the left says “warm welcome” and the one on the right says ” visit and give guidance.” A big thank you to our Chinese teacher Ms. Bao for choosing the phrases for us!!