30 Day Drawing Challenge!

My esteemed friend Victor IV and I are embarking on a 30 day Drawing Challenge! We collaborated on a list and aspire to make one sketch a day for the next 30 days. Please feel free to join in, I’ll post the complete list so you can jump in and out as you please. Drawing challenges are a great way to practice your drawing skills. Drawing is like playing an instrument, you’ll lose your chops if you don’t practice! If all goes well I’ll post each of my sketches here so you can track my progress. Please feel free to post pictures of your own sketches in the comments!
Good Luck Have Fun!

Here’s the list:
1. Draw instructions (how-to) of a simple task
2. A science project gone wrong
3. Onomatopoeia
4. Something being smashed
5. Album art for a fake band
6. hyper realistic cartoon character
7. A 4-panel comic strip
8. A dragon
9. Lovecraft horror (cthulu)
10. Space whale
11. A pokemon!
12. Yourself as a Pokemon trainer
13. Live-action movie as 3D animated characters (think pixar or dreamworks)
14. Redesign a chess piece
15. Favorite book character
16. Favorite TV character
17. How you are feeling today
18. Someone as you really see them
19. Friend as a zombie
20. My modern coat of arms
21. Composite animal that probably shouldn’t be a pet
22. Something from the Monty Python and The Holy Grail
23. Draw a liquid in motion
24. Wolverine + Superman = ___?____
25. A zentangle
26. Something that is flying that shouldn’t
27. A horrible monument
28. Something you’re afraid of
29. Self portrait as a cyborg
30. What computer printers will look like in 30 years


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