Photo Project is a GO

Last week I introduced a new photo project for my ninth and tenth graders.  The basic premise is the same though the ninth graders will have more structure and the 10th graders will have more artistic license.  Each student was asked to create a blog using Blogger and will be posting one photo a week as part of a year long project.  I wanted to use a blog format rather than them just submitting photos to me because I want them to make this project personal.  I want them to feel ownership and take pride in their work.  The great thing about Blogger is you can set your blog to totally private and only invite certain readers.  I’m very excited to see how this project goes and I hope my students are as pumped as I am! I know I won’t be able to limit my blog to one photo a week so I won’t even try.  You can follow my photo project blog here:


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